Driving in Canada and BC

  • In Canada, people drive on the right side of the road.
  • You must have a driver’s licence to operate a car, whether owned or rented.
  • If you own a car, you require vehicle registration, a licence plate and insurance to use it.
  • You must respect the rights of cyclists and pedestrians (people walking), and stop for pedestrians crossing the street.
  • All adults and passengers must wear a seatbelt.  Infants and Children must be carried an infant car seat, child car seat, or a booster seat.  It is the law.  Please click here for more information.
  • You must not leave young children alone in a car.

Winter driving

Whistler is in a mountain climate, and you must be prepared for winter conditions on the roads.  If you own a vehicle, you must have the proper tires for the conditions.  It is highly recommended that you have snow tires, or chains.  You can be fined if you are driving without proper tires. Winter driving can be dangerous but Transport Canada has a handy and easy-to-read brochure, “Winter Driving” that is full of great safety tips. It explains how to get your vehicle ready for winter, like adding snow tires, getting an emergency kit and checking your lights, brakes and battery.  It also has information about the different types of winter driving conditions – like blizzards and black ice – and gives tips on how to stay in control while braking or skidding.  Keep a copy of this brochure in your glove compartment and stay safe on the road.  You can download your own copy when you click here.