When you are sick or injured, and you can’t move by yourself call 911.  In most places in B.C., 911 is the emergency phone number for fire, police and ambulance. The 911 call is free, even from a pay phone. You can ask for help in your own language if you do not speak English. Learn to say the name of your language in English.  Click here to see a video about how to call for help and assistance at 911. You can watch the video  in 10 languages:

In Whistler, when you are sick or injured, and you can move by yourself, go to the Whistler Health Care Centre.  There are onsite X-ray, CT and Laboratory services. It is on the corner of Lorimer Road and Blackcomb Way (4380 Lorimer Rd).  Call 604-932-4911, 8:00am-10:00pm.  There is a Doctor on call after 10pm; after you listen to a message, choose to talk to a doctor who is on call.

REMEMBER: When you are sick or injured and can’t move by yourself, call 9-1-1

1-800-SUICIDE 24hr service, call if you are having thoughts of suicide or need to speak to someone.

RCMP Victim Services 604-905-1969, offering information, emotional support, and assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes or traumas.

For more information on depression, see The Kelty Foundation or Whistler Community Services Society for a list of local counsellors and therapists you could see.