Squamish has a young population and many babies are born each year. This makes it a very active and fun place for young families. There are many groups working with families and children and who can help if you have questions or problems. But Whistler can also be a difficult place to find childcare and if both parents are working. In Canada, parents are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in their children’s education and you will find a number of groups and educational opportunities both for pre-school children (under 5) and for children outside of school hours. The government encourages this and there are subsidies and various tax allowances to help. However, there are also various regulations you need to know about, particularly for children in cars, when disciplining them, and when you are not able to be with them yourself.

For details of

  • Help for young people
  • Help for families
  • Child care

See chapter 6 of the BC Newcomers’ Guide. You can view this online or download a pdf to your own computer.