About Us

Who we are

We are a group of local immigrants and other interested community members working together to create a welcoming place for immigrants and newcomers. We see the need to support immigrants and newcomers in their transition and act like a bridge that connects them to our community to become more fully integrated.

Our goals

  • Build community and an appreciation of diverse experiences
  • Support and encourage community based leadership
  • Create awareness of needs of immigrants and newcomers
  • Facilitate and support connections for immigrants and newcomers
  • Improve and expand services for immigrants and newcomers
  • Develop a plan for a multicultural neighbourhood house

Helping new Immigrants – Building Community

Current Activities

  • Multilingual Storytime for families interested in sharing their language and heritage
  • Conversation Group for adults supporting each other in learning English as well as sharing their  unique cultural experiences
  • Japanese Learning Group for families interested in learning more about Japanese language and culture
  • Drop-in Centre for families and individuals wanting to connect to each other informally for information, support or engage in fun activities together.
  • South Asian Senior Women’s Group for senior women who would like to meet with other south asian senior women and improve English skills
  • Peer Mentoring Program for families or individuals interested in supporting newcomers to become more connected  within our community.
  • Community Bookstore & Welcome Centre Space for families and individuals to connect, share & inspire.
  • Welcome Centre Community Garden

Get Involved

We need help to make this project successful:

  • Volunteer to support immigrants and newcomers @the Welcome Centre
  • Become a member for the advisory committee
  • Help fundraising and grand writing
  • Become a Peer Mentor
  • Share your culture
  • Share your skills and hobbies