Seniors bridging the digital divide…

The Connections program is for local seniors wishing to learn how to use computers. We offer one-to-one as well as group learning environments.  We understand that the idea of learning something new from the ground up can be very daunting.  When on the outside, the world of computers and technology is vast and often frightening.  Our Youth fully understand this and do their best to ensure that they go at the pace of the learner, are patient, and encourage questions from each participant at all times.  One-to-one tutoring means you can decide when you’re ready for each next step.  Seniors learn how to browse the Internet, email friends and family, download music and books, and much more!  Computers and all required equipment is supplied, all you need to bring is an open mind and a desire to learn.

Book and Appointment

Call us to book your tutoring session!  604-815-4142

Practice your new skills for free

We offer two hours of free computer time to Seniors any time on Saturdays.  Come by and try out your new skills!


If you have tech skills, a passion for connecting with your community, and/or wish to gain valuable career experience, then come join us!