Computer Tutoring

Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn…

Part of our goal is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn how to use computers regardless of their socio-economic status.  To accomplish this, we provide low cost tutoring on computer basics. All funds generated help support the sustainability of the organization.

One to One Tutoring

Tutoring sessions are one-to-one so that the participant can ensure that they learn at their own pace, continuously ask questions, and have the opportunity to interact directly with the computer and their tutor.

Time Commitment

For beginners, we recommend one one-hour session per week with the same tutor until the student is comfortable using the computer on their own.  We encourage participants to visit our lab in between sessions to specifically practice and go over what they have learned so far.

Tutoring from Youth Interns

Youth Interns are youth between the ages of 15-30 who work at the Hotspot in order to gain valuable work experience through providing customer service, working on community projects (including event planning, creating promotional materials, websites, performing various administrative tasks, etc.), and providing computer tutoring to the public.

The Value of Youth

Modern Youth have extraordinary knowledge of the Internet and software applications.  As they have grown up using computers, their knowledge is often second-nature and very intuitive.  As a result, they understand new concepts quickly and are very commonly known to be able to teach themselves new tools, applications and software as they come across them.  They often find sharing their knowledge with adults to be empowering and helpful in building confidence.  As well, many adults have commented that being taught by youth is a very refreshing experience.

Book a Tutoring Appointment

Tutoring Sessions are available by appointment.  Drop in or call the Hotspot to schedule a time.  Tutoring is usually available any day we are open.