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Multicultural Cooking

Learn to cook food from another culture or share your recipes with others. Cultural Cooking brings people together to share recipes, cooking techniques, cultural norms and stories through the medium of food.   Each event features food from a specific culture.

This program aims to integrate newcomers and locals in the Squamish community by sharing the simple pleasures of preparing traditional recipes, sharing family food secrets, and coming together to eat. Cultural cooking promotes multicultural diversity not only through cuisine, but through the act of teaching and sharing these culinary customs.


This cookbook is the product of many cooking sessions where we helped prepare meals and enjoyed music and dances from various countries. Cultural cooking sessions revealed stories about the history of the nation behind the food; participants embarked on story-telling adventures to talk about their families and showcase their favourite meals. The Cultural cooking sessions in Squamish brought together multiple immigrant communities enmeshing them with a various cultures as well as Canadians. These sessions highlighted global specialities and allowed community members to delight in international flavours without ever leaving Squamish. Click on cover page to see our full cookbook.


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Volunteering Opportunities

Get involved in this program and include your native recipes in our Cultural cookbook.

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