Welcome Centre

Helping new immigrants and building community…

We are a group of local immigrants and other interested community members working together to create a welcoming place for immigrants and newcomers. We see the need to support immigrants and newcomers in their transition and act like a bridge that connects them to our community to become more fully integrated.

The New to BC web page gives information about English language, settlement and job finding programs and services. You will also find tools and materials to teach and learn English, to learn more about your community and to understand life and work in BC. http://newtobc.ca/newcomer-resources/

Our Goals

  • Build community and an appreciation of diverse experiences
  • Support and encourage community based leadership
  • Create awareness of needs of immigrants and newcomers
  • Facilitate and support connections for immigrants and newcomers
  • Improve and expand services for immigrants and newcomers
  • Develop a plan for a multicultural neighbourhood house

Current Activities

  • Multilingual Storytime for families interested in sharing their language and heritage
  • Conversation Group for adults supporting each other in learning English as well as sharing their  unique cultural experiences
  • Japanese Learning Group for families interested in learning more about Japanese language and culture
  • Drop-in Centre for families and individuals wanting to connect to each other informally for information, support or engage in fun activities together.
  • South Asian Senior Women’s Group for senior women who would like to meet with other south asian senior women and improve English skills
  • Peer Mentoring Program for families or individuals interested in supporting newcomers to become more connected  within our community.
  • Community Bookstore & Welcome Centre Space for families and individuals to connect, share & inspire.
  • Welcome Centre Community Garden

Get Involved

We need help to make this project successful:

  • Volunteer to support immigrants and newcomers @the Welcome Centre
  • Become a member for the advisory committee
  • Help fundraising and grand writing
  • Become a Peer Mentor
  • Share your culture
  • Share your skills and hobbies

Hours of Operation

Tues-Fri: 9:15am–2:45pm
Sat-Mon: Closed

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