Volunteer Centre

The Squamish Volunteer Centre aims to connect local community members to meaningful volunteer opportunities throughout our centre.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Grow the capacity of our community to sustain itself through personal and organizational development and volunteer program management.
  • Inform our community of volunteer-related growth opportunities by resource services including by public access database.
  • Value and promote volunteers and volunteerism in our community.
  • Engage individuals, organizations, businesses and others to provide forums for cross-sector collaboration.

Our Society's Registered Mission

To operate as a non-profit society, for the development of public interest in volunteerism including to encourage voluntary citizen participation in health, welfare, recreation, educational, cultural and civic programs.

  • To provide a central unit for recruitment, registration and placement of volunteers in such programs.
  • To encourage community services to use volunteers and to maintain high standards in their use of volunteers.
  • To participate with any person, organization or authority in any arrangement, activity, or project which will, in the opinion of the Directors or the Members of the the Society, broaden volunteerism.
  • To render assistance to organizations which contribute to the aims of the Squamish Volunteer Centre Society and which fall within the definition of qualified donees pursuant to the Income Tax Act.