Sea to Sky Freenet Association

Our Mission & Goals

The Sea to Sky Freenet Association is committed to building a local community information system and providing barrier free access to Internet & Computer Technologies (ICT’s) while promoting the appropriate and sustainable use of technology as a tool for personal and community development.

Barrier Free Access

  • Low or no cost
  • Central location where people work/live/play
  • Maximum hours of operation
  • Cultural and personal sensitivity to users’ experience with technology
  • Plain language communication and staff/volunteers from different backgrounds, ages and languages
  • Physical accessibility and a continuum of learning options from informal drop-in and self-help to 1:1 tutoring to group workshops to suit the needs of users.

Appropriate & Sustainable

To support, as much as possible, the use of free non-proprietary computer technology, the recycling and reuse of technology and the primary importance of face to face human interaction.

Personal Development

Promoting the use of technology for learning, training and education, creativity, personal empowerment and informed, democratic, civil participation in community life.

Community Development

Promoting the use of technology as a tool for creating and maintaining locally produced and controlled, public, online spaces and tools that facilitate communication, collaboration and partnership within and between corridor communities.